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Blue Fin Small but Lots of them

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17 December 2017, 06:02 PM
Blue Fin Small but Lots of them
Jumped on the Mustange out of H&M last Fri 12-15 got back this AM. Great trip. Limits of Blue Fin for 11 anglers. Sweet ride on a 70 foot boat. Great weather, sunny, no wind and 1 ft swells. Limits by noon. On the anchor at the 50 mile bank.
15 or 20 lb fluoro a must,,, go heavier and its the skunk.
Small # 1 or #2 hook no bigger or its the skunk.
No weight from 5am to 10 am
After 10am small 1/2 oz barrel about 3 ft from the hook.
Long soak, as long as that bait is swimming leave it alone.
Caught a total of 6 BF, 5 nose hooked 1 butt hooked.
After I caught my limit of 2 handed off the last 4. 3 got landed 1 got farmed, pulled hook. BF from 15-25 lbs..
Put to work a technique I learned from a fellow Fib’er, a
Mr. Tom H., about 12 years ago. Fishing on the Amigo for Albacore he suggests to me to retrieve my Sardine very slowly and fish it back to the boat instead of ripping it in.
Putting that information to the test I started slowly retrieving my bait back to the boat. “BOOM” my bait gets busted and jars my sholders. I catch the next 3 BF the same way. Other guys on the boat can’t believe what’s happening. There is no doubt when that sardine gets bit. No wispy little change in your reel spool speed or slight nervousness of your bait. No counting to five and hoping it’s the right kind. Your bait gets hammered hard and its fish on “NOW”. What a blast.!!! God is Good.
19 December 2017, 08:57 AM
Pretty amazing stuff on December! Merry Christmas Walt, and glad you're still getting your butt out on the water.

Great Stuff!