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PB Coastal Super Tanker 65#+ WSB !!! 5-27-12 report

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31 May 2012, 12:00 AM
PB Coastal Super Tanker 65#+ WSB !!! 5-27-12 report
Fished with my buddy Dean this past weekend on my boat "UnReel". We only had a few hrs to fish as I had a Charkbait BBQ to go to at 2pm that afternoon so we could only fish untill 10am. Dean was a go for the trip and we left my pad at 3:15am and made a quick run to the ramp and then ran to the spot and set up. We where fishing by 5:15am. 6am we where done. I landed my PB fish that taped at 58" (inside fork legth not the tip of the tail) by 31" girth. Taped out at 69#'s but I'll just call it 65#. Fish was caught on a 4oz white and glow bucktail with a couple squids pinned on, 65# braid to 5' of 40# flouro.

P.B 65# Coastal Super Tanker

14" tail spread

Dean got a one that taped out t 50#

our limit and good luck charms

Stoked to say the least and thanks for comming with me Dean, always a good time fishing with ya. Congrats on your fish too.

Big thanks to the code group guys!!!!!

tight lines,

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