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Catalina + Persistance =White Sea Bass

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07 June 2010, 07:49 PM
Catalina + Persistance =White Sea Bass
It was just a matter of time.........

What a trip! June 3-4 overnighter on the Options out of Pierpoing.
This trip is dedicated, it's White Sea Bass or SKUNK.

We start out meeting at Pierpont Landing. I get there at 5pm just to scope out
the situation and determine the best parking alternative. Very nice modern
up to date landing.

Everyone arrives on time, we load up our gear on to a very nice, in fact deluxe
50 ft. 6 pak. Plenty of room to fish, nice roomy bunks and full access to kitchen
facilities. We all brought our own food with plenty to share.

The Options already has plenty of squirts for our trip so we head directly
out sea, it's about 8:30pm. The Capt. tells us to get some sleep as we will be fishing all night.
Our limit is one WSB per angler so you never know when you will get your chance.
He goes around the back side of Catalina and anchors up. We all used the drooper
loop with no success. This is die hard fishing at its worst.

Going 6 hrs. with not so much
as a half pound red to tickle your line can send the weaker down to the bunks.
We all gut it out. After a couple of fruitless moves the Capt. Moves us yet again
giving us the never ending sales pitch about keeping our lines in the water. You can't
catch fish if your not fishing.
At this point in time we are all contemplating the wisdom of our choices.
What the heck are we doing here. We are tired, hungry and most of all bored.

Boredom is bout to come to an end….. the grey light is seeping into the horizon and out of the
blue one of our mates, Scotty gets his eyes crossed, never saw someone’s eyes
get so big and such a surprised look on his face. This fish was giving Scotty a tune up.
One hard lunge after another wrenching the big man’s arms from their sockets. Pinning his rod to the rail, the big man could not pull his rod off the wood. Eventually the huge
WSB hits the deck setting a new personal record for Mr. Scott. About 35#.

Being one to quickly capitalize on information gained I pin 2 squid on my 5/0 hook
And drop straight down off the side of the boat. About 45 sec. later my rod goes
double over the rail with me hanging on hard with both hands. 10 min. later a beautiful
WSB around 28 lbs hits the deck. Some say WSB are not much of a fighter but I
can witness to the opposite. While not as fast and dogged as a Yellow Tail they are
powerful fighters that will test your resolve all he way to the end game.

For the next 2 hours the fishing is slow but steady with everyone getting a bent
rod. Used mostly the dropper loop 30-40lb mono. No fluoro as it was still quite dark.
5/0 to 7/0 hooks.3 to 5 oz of lead. Would reccomend using the lightest wt. you can get away with. It is critical to getting bit. If you use too heavy of a wt. the WSB
cannot not eaisly lift it up off the bottom and will spit the bait.
A couple of the WSB were caught on jig heads with a squid pinned using a slow jig close to
the bottom. Everything was caught within 10 of the bottom. By noon it was over with.
We were all beat up and did pretend fishing for he next hour. Whipped and tired
we all agree to head back to the docks early.

A great group of guys to fish with. Nothing but good laughs and beer consumption.
We catch our limits and we all take home WSB filets.

One strange pattern that emerged was that WSB were for the most part
the ONLY fish we caught. No Bonita, no Barracuda, no rockies nada. For the entire
trip I think the only bycatch was a couple dink Calico’s and a couple of Blue Perch.
Oh ya, add one Bat Ray.

Everyone fished hard and the rewards speak for them selves in the picture below.


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07 June 2010, 08:21 PM
crowne victoria
Get 'er done!! You can sleep much better now I'll bet. Please tell me it wasn't as crowded as it is now.

sweet charity
07 June 2010, 09:16 PM


We were the only boat in sight with 6 anglers
on our 6 pak charter. It was sweet.


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