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Sometimes we catch Sometimes we just Fish.

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18 July 2015, 07:57 AM
Sometimes we catch Sometimes we just Fish.
Lackluster Tuna Hunt

Left Sunday morning July 12th , to depart @ 9 am on an inverse 1 ½ day’er abord the Eclipse out of Seaforth in San Diego. Arrived at the landing and every single parking space was taken in their lot. Had to go to the extended part north of the main lot. Have never seen that before.

Depart @ 9am return the next day at 6pm. They were trying to take advantage of the close proximity of the Blue Fin 15 miles off shore. Well that plan fizzled out. 21 anglers caught 8 blue fin and 7 yellow fin. All nice size 25 to 40 lbs. No Yellow Tail.

We must have pulled up to 15 different schools of tuna only to have them sink out about 100 meters from the boat. The fish were extremely skittish. We only caught two tuna on the troll which is a good indicator of their unwillingness to chase after bait. Cloudy over cast day and almost dead calm seas in the morning. The afternoon turned to clear skies and wind about 20-25 mph. Some small white caps and small wind waves. 1-2 ft. swells.

We did not see another sport boat. The whole fleet went somewhere else where the fishing was somewhat better. We all took a gamble on the inverse 1 ½ day’er and we paid the price. The fish were there but not in the carnivorous mood we require .

Two of the guys caught 2 tuna each so that equates into 13 guys who caught fish consequently 8 guys got the skunk. 90% of the tuna were caught on small irons or weighted bait. You had to go deep to get bit. (10 to 15 fathoms) Personally caught 1 nice 38lb Blue Fin. Used a half oz. slider, 3/0 hook, 20 lb. fluoro, Squall 15 on a 9 ft. 20-30lb bait stick I wrapped on a mod. action Rainshadow blank. Dumped that sardine and it went straight down. Abut 45 seconds later I was bent 5 min. ( maybe longer) later it was on the deck.

The cost of the good life keeps going up. The trip cost was reasonable at $325.00. But my galley bill was $35.00 that was for 1 hamburger, no drink and a 2x2 in square pc. of a Mexican casserole, no drink. That is with no beer or sodas no shacks. I brought all of my own beverages, some fruit and some snacks. But I must say the all of the food I had was absolutely delicious. Fish cleaning has taken another jump to

$8.00 per tuna and that is without skinning them. I had to skin them the next morning myself. Overall I like the Eclipse a lot. Very roomy bunks. The boat is always kept very, very clean especially the galley.

Great crew willing to do what ever is necessary and a hard working captain. We fished till we dropped and did our best. But as we all know fishing is not catching. There are other days and other opportunities to take advantage of. Those tuna can swim but they can’t hide. Next time.

25 July 2015, 09:23 AM
Thanks for the report, especially the info about the boat. Really helps to know which boats are clean and which crews have it together.

As for the tuna, sounds like you did well considering. No skunk is always > skunk.