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Tough Fishing, it's part of the game.

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14 August 2015, 04:30 PM
Tough Fishing, it's part of the game.
Went out Aug. 12th on a 6 pk called the Seacret out of
Newmark’s Yacht Center in Wilmington which was inland about 3 miles.
We left port at 4am and returned at 4pm.
We caught 1 BF, 1 YF and 2 Dorado. I caught the BF which we weighed on my
digital scale at 38# and also the YF which was about 12 lbs. a rat. The BF caught on a horse sardine, 3/0 hook and 20 lb fluoro leader to 30lb spectra. Everyone else was using 30 to 50lb fluoro joined to 60-80 lb. spectra. I was using 30 but after 2 hrs. of only one rat dorado being caught I decided to take some drastic action and tied on some 20 lb. fluoro to my 30 fluor and got bit. Was concerned when the first run ripped 100
+yds. of spectra off my Squall 15 but that was the beginning of the end. Another 15 min. and it was on the deck. The smaller YF was caught on a Mega Bait type lure Green and White. 2.5 oz.
Very, Very slow day for us and most other charters.

Clear bright sunny days with cool temps and wind conditions that cause
whitcaping is the signal to stay home and polish your swim baits. We could even see
dorado and YT's free swimming around the boat but would not touch the bait.