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L.A Harbor Lobster report for 2/26/12

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28 February 2012, 09:52 AM
L.A Harbor Lobster report for 2/26/12
Launched "UnReel" around 5pm on Sunday hoping to round up a few lobsters before the cold front rolled in. Had the first set of hoops down around 6pm and pulled them every 30 or 40 min untill 12:30pm and managed 4 keepers and 2 shorts. Keepers where all quality bugs though. One 1/4" over keeper, one 3-4 lber, 1 5lber, and a tanker 8lb or so model. Bait used was salmon heads and macks. Conditions where tough at times as the wind came up pretty good and having to pitch nets and grab'em solo was a challenge but still fun as heck. Here's couple pics of the big'n in the bait tank and the 4 keeper lobsters

Big'n in the b-tank

He was a mean one, trying to get out.

The four keepers

Tight lines,