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Bad Timing - Eclispe Seaforth 1 1/2 day 9/12

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13 September 2011, 06:47 PM
Bad Timing - Eclispe Seaforth 1 1/2 day 9/12
Frowner Ok got on the boat with high expectations, lots of tuna being caught lately by 1 1/2 days. However, they are being caught a long ways out 140 to 160 miles. Our boat had a whale watching trip scheduled morning of our return, so couldn't give us the extended time for the run. Fished the kelps for 8 to 12lb yellowtail. Moral of the story is take a 2 day or longer to ensure a run at the tuna - bet the Red Rooster trip scheduled by Charkbait slays alot of fish. Damn that work always gets in the way of taking a longer trip!
14 September 2011, 04:19 PM
Sorry to here about the tough fishing but at least you got out. Cant catch'em from the couch.

Also not sure if you herd but we had a 4 day CB trip on the RR that got back on monday and they had 715 mixed BF and YFT as well as YT. The guys put the wood to them. Hopefully Mark will post a report and some pics soon.

Hope you get'em next time,