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Cortez Banks

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23 October 2006, 09:23 PM
Cortez Banks
Left Fri. 9pm for the Cortez Banks. A good 10hr run on the Amigo out of Newport. Perfect Weather and a good bunch of mates from the FIB'er Fishing Club. Capt. MIKE made 3 different stops on the Banks before we started tagging something else besides Bonita. On the 4th stop we hit a steady pick of good YT ( 15-19Lb ) Total for the spot... 28 YT, 2 YF (20lb), 58 misc Rocks, Groupers, Sheephead & Bonitas. Moved to another spot later in the afternoon and picked up 71 NICE White Fish (5-10lb).This is my 3rd 1 1/2 day trip in 12 months on the AMIGO, and Cptn. Mike has always worked hard to put us on fish.

Lesson Learned: Caught 6 Bonita while the YT were starting to fall all around me. My Happy factor was sagging. After some quick and secret observations I tied on a "SHORT" Shank 2/0 on to my 15lb Fluoro, replacing the standard shank one I was using. My next 2 were YT, and the next 3 of 5 hook ups were YT. What do you think, do short shanks make a difference or was it just "MY TIME". Reguardless, as a possible chang up, I would consider using the short shank.

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25 October 2006, 08:34 AM
Thanks Walt for the informative post. Good info. I'm not sure about the short shanks, but that seemed to turn the trick for you. On white seabass I think I have better luck with a long shank, but when tuna fishing I'll usually use an Owner or Gamakatsu with a shorter length than flyliner.

Great Stuff!
27 October 2006, 06:23 PM
big gabe
if your target fish are on the chew, they'll hit anything, if not, got to try different setups, including hooks, etc..
nice report, thanks...

28 October 2006, 04:56 PM
Dont know about the short shank making any difference with yellows but if it was working stay with it. Sometimes its the little things that help. Next time if there is any macks in the tank use them when Bonita are around. Yellers love them and the Bonita seen to leave them alone. Nice report.
28 October 2006, 08:53 PM

Yes there were macks in the tank, about three times the size of the sardines. The problem I have with thoes brutes is differentiating from the bait and getting bit. When the YT are running in the medium 15- 19 lb range its a tough call. The big macks will take off like a rocket , just like a YT pick up. I end up setting the hook into my dreams. If you have any tips on this issue, it would be valuable information for everyone.


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02 November 2006, 11:53 PM

When i use macks or big deans (the bo hunk size) and im not sure if im getting bit or not i apply thumb pressure to the spool. I apply just enough pressure to stop the bait from running. If it stops i release the pressure and let the bait continue to free spool out. And if the bait dosen't stop i know that im bit and set the hook. After a little practice with the type of bait and its strenght you will soon be able to tell the difference from a pickup and a lively bait. I still get foooled so i use this technique with big baits. This little thing works for me give it a try.
20 February 2007, 11:52 AM
A hot ticket when using the speedy macks is to clip the tails a little. This slows down the bait, and also drives the Y/T crazy because it vibrates alot, but doesn't get away like it normally would. You'll know when you are picked-up!
21 February 2007, 08:44 PM
Good tip MadMan, I will be sure to try it.
27 February 2007, 05:39 PM
Trapt in Arizona
This is the main reason I am considering trying circle hooks on my next trip. If you think you might be getting bit, you can real in. if you are bit, reeling in will cause the hook to set in the fish. If not, the bait still looks natural (if you nose hooked the bait), and you didn't kill it trying to set the hook like you would with a J hook.
08 November 2007, 08:47 PM
crown victoria
That might be as good now as it was then. Thats about a year old post, but the fishing remains the same !!!Squid or mac's . short shanks , not a "shrimp fly" bent back thing. I will use 28lb 30lb and 50 lb. set ups.(1/4 oz. sliding sinker and 3/0-5/0 hook= live squid= 28 lb line on a saltist 40 reel)(heavy 6xjr. or AA sumo irons= 50lb on a baja special) (4-oz. dropper loop - 12 inch spider web knot- =30lb line on penn 113h 4/0 reel)and my 8 foot super seeker with a j/x 6/3 2-speed for .....? back pain !!!!