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Call 911 WE KILLED IT !!
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May 31st White Sea Bass Trip
To the back side of Catalina
on the Options Sportfishing

It Was rediculous, the white sea bass almost jumped in the boat.
Congrats to the OPTIONS Capt. Tino and crew, it was a
long hunt but persistance paid off.

My wife totals her car and she needs to get to work so I have no ride
to Pierpoint Landing. I cry on Boomers shoulder, he is generous
and provides my transportation. Thanks Andrew you saved my day.

So Boomer and I get to the landing, drink some beer and eat some
popcorn shrimp. Then corral everyone on to the boat,
straighten out the payment due to the boat, which was like trying
to juggle chain saws, and head out to sea.

The boat makes several stops around Catalina to make squid and
were very successful. We end up with a bait tank full. We all bail out
of the sack around 11:30pm and start fishing for the Ghost. And we fish
and we fish and we fish for nada all night long. The sun starts to creep
over the horizon and I get bit first, a nice 12 lb BLACK Sea bass, the wrong
kind. The deck hand pulls the fish over the rail, no gaffs, removes the hook
and returns it to the sea. (Protected Species). I then catch a large Leopard
Shark then a Horned Shark. All released. Bad by catch nobody wanted.
Boomer catches another Leopard Shark. We keep moving to different spots,
must have moved 20 times hunting for our target. The entire morning goes
buy with not so much a Sculpin to bend the pole.

I am using a 30lb dropper loop with 5/0 hooks as are others,
some using lead head jigs with squid attached.
When the bite exploded I switched to 25lb with the
lead head/squid combo. When fishing white sea bass around structure such as rocks
and kelp it’s best to use the 30-40lb string, some even use 50lb. But when
in open water like we were the 25lb is much better to fish with. As long as
your drags are smooth your line is fresh and you know your knots are good,
25 lb. is more than adequate.

It’s 11am, we are motoring to yet another location when the captain says
we are now over a very large school of giant white sea bass, the next question is will
they bite. Scotty pitches out a 2oz lead head with a fat squid attached, the
jig hits bottom he jigs it twice and he goes bendo. Then another hit then another monster sucks in the fat tasty eye candy. Instantly the lid gets blown off the top of our expectations, we got 3 hanging and more on the way. I ditch my dropper loop and grab my pre rigged lead head jig, pin on a fat squid cast out let it sink and within 4 hops off the bottom I am hung up on something intent on dislocating my shoulders. At one time there are 4 white sea bass being fought simultaneously. Within in about 20 min. we all have our limits of one each. But that does not stop the party. We catch and release a bunch more. The bite was so hot we could have gotten 5 each. Kevin even ditched the Squid and just dropped an iron and got bit twice. There were gigantic White Sea Bass every where. You would think the bottom of the ocean was covered with them and they were all starving. These were all quality fish ranging from about 28 to 42 lbs. Kevin gets bit and it
was the largest, he weighed it at 42 lbs. Most were in the 30+ range.

I acquired a Squall 15 from the Charkster at the Fred Hall Show Spooled up
with 400 yds of 30 spectra and a 30 ft top shot of 25lb Seaguar Premier Fluoro.
Used this on a 20-40 graphite/Glass med. Action rod. In open water this set up
was perfect for catching the large WSB. The drags were very smooth with plenty
of backup drag available if needed. I ran 7 lbs of drag but had 15 lbs available.
I love this reel. It will be my go to set up for local Tuna, WSB and YT's.

This trip was epic. We go through 12 non stop hours for nothing
then within 30 min. we limit out.

We had a great bunch of guys to fish with. It really makes fishing
enjoyable when everyone helps each other.

One way to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse is to just keep
beating on it, sooner or later it looks pretty. So it was
with our killer May 31st White Sea Bass trip.


From left to rt. Scotty, Boomer, Dr. Bill, Kevin, Walt, Keenfish

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