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Overnighter Seaforth Outer Limits - Tuna 09/28

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28 September 2016, 12:38 PM
Overnighter Seaforth Outer Limits - Tuna 09/28
Went out on the Outer Limits out of Seaforth in San Diego to try to get a few yellowfin tuna. Great weather and water, lots of YFT around. Skipper said he has been fishing the same area for awhile outside the Coronado Islands and out about 40 miles. Woke up with the Coronados in sight and a angler hooking a first fish on yo-yo at 5:30 am in grey light while the boat was just drifting awaiting daylight. So the day started with about 5 more yellowfin caught on bait right there. We left those fish while they jumping all around the boat. Skipper said you'll see a lot fish jumping that won't bite and we did all day long! The skipper did the usual looking for birds and boils. Results were 80 yellowfin tuna for 21 anglers, fish were 10 to 20 lbs on average. Captain Paul Fischer gives quite the detailed run down on fishing, what works and what hasn't. If you get a chance to go out with him PAY ATTENTION as some of what he says runs counter to what you might expect as to what works! Going lighter line was a ticket here. Caught my 3 tuna on 20lb, and found myself wishing I had brought A 15lb set up. Everyday is different however, the skipper said it's been running like this for awhile. There is a lot of bait in the water and you need to work to get the fish interested enough to bite. A hot bait was the ticket on light line. We trolled all day but no fish were caught that way. Saw 2 fish caught on poppers. There was never a wide open bite, usually a steady 1 to 4 fish going when he found a school willing to play. Skipper and crew were great in assisting newbies in hooking a bait and casting out, often hooking a fish before they even got the rod back in the novice anglers hand.

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