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A little fresh water flaver, Irvine lake report 1-19

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20 January 2011, 06:52 PM
A little fresh water flaver, Irvine lake report 1-19
Hi all , its been a while since I've posted on the Charboards but it's good to be back. though I'd add a bit of fresh water flavor with a Irvine lake report.

Hit Irvine on Wed tha 19th. Got there at 6:20am and rented my boat and had the lines in the water by 6:50am. Here's what the conditions looked like

Trolled around trout island for a while for notha and then worked down toward the west shore and got this 5#'er about 9am

Little while later I saw something twitching/splashing on the surfce of the water. Had just enough time to grab the net and land this bass/bluegill combo as I was trolling

The bluegill was the size of my hand, it was a nice bass!! As you could see I got the bluegill out fo the bass's mouth and released them both alive. Got the lines back out and about an hr later hooked and landed this guy

Kept working the area and a bit later ZZZZZZ I'm on again, turns out to be a brown, My first of the year

Few passes later I'm hooked up again but the fish is fighting weird, didn't take long to find out why as another bass hit the deck

Another nice chunk. stayed in the same zone the rest of the day and managed one more nice solid 3# fish and 3 or 4 more short bites before they chased us off the lake at 4pm. On the way to the dock I dumped a nice one too. Had him on for bout 5 min and he was solid. Darn hook pulled Frowner Ended the day with 4 solid trout, 1 hooked and released bass, one saved from death bass/bluegill combo.

Days catch ,all on Rapala and SC Shinner firetiger pattern lures

Also, my buddies Al and Bill and a couple other buddies fished on Al's 23'Parker and one of them nabbed a 12#+ bow plus quad limits I believe. good fishing if you got dialed in and they where. congrats guys!!!

tight line,