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Laguna Niguel Lake 2/08/12 afternoon report (from shore)

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08 February 2012, 09:16 PM
Laguna Niguel Lake 2/08/12 afternoon report (from shore)
So decided to try some afternoon fishing today.

Got to lake at around 130 or so, first line in the water around 200pm or so.

Caught 1 in first 30 min, then nothing. (nightcrawler + powerbait)

Next bite wasn't until 440pm, when I (finally) figured out the where and what to present. (yellow red micetail - near float tube launch)
Got bit on that one only about 5 min after casting out.

Brought him in, and recast again, caught the 3rd at about 455PM.

Was desperately trying to bring him in, unhook him and recast again, because I knew I would get bit again, but alas it was 5pm and the guy came and said time to go.

Oh well. 3 fish in 3 hours, not bad. Just wish I would have found the combo about 30 min earlier, I probably would have limited out.

Tight lines everyone!

PS - A guy caught an 11 pounder around 300pm or so in zone 2.... That was a NICE FISH!
09 February 2012, 10:04 AM
Thanks for the report and nice job rounding up the 3. Lot of big fish being caught out of that place. Seems like every time I go there someone is weighing a double digit fish.