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Reading Chark's description of the CP rods, as incorporating a glass tip on a graphite rod, I was struck by how everything old becomes new again. I have Fenwick Big Surfstick and Lamiglas ES surf rods that were made with glass tips over graphite butts; and a couple of Contender one-piece rods made for light bottom fishing and inshore casting that are made the same way. (I miss Contender, which was eaten by Shakespeare twenty years ago.) Chark, a question. Does UC make surf rods, or the blanks for them, and are you planning to distribute same?
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UC makes some great rods for the surf. They make the definitive Ulua rods. Check their 100's two piece blanks, good range of tests covered from light stuff up to heavies. Those are 10 foot two piece rods. They have the largest oven on the west coast and can make the long rods quite well. By comparison with Seeker's old oven they had to tilt the blanks across from corner to corner (and introduce a curve) on the longest blanks. With UC, they can hang 'em straight up and down. Sounds like a little thing but it's actually a big deal. Should there be demand, they can make larger blanks as well. They have a huge range of products in their catalog, very broad and a lot of this stuff is beyond what other firms can do or have even thought of - that's because UC is more of an international rod company, meeting demand from the more serious anglers world wide - that's their background.

Great Stuff!
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