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Hottest YT bite on Planet Earth
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A Pigs ear into a Silk Purse.
We go fishing and, have fun, enjoy your fishing buddies and occasionally do some catching. There are those days when we get little more then a sniff and are happy to settle for a few rockies and a great day a sea with friends. We pull into the dock and go home looking forward to tomorrow knowing that the bite can only get better,,,, it can’t get get any worse.
This last weekend was one of those trips. Fly 700 miles down to San Carlos, Sonora Mex to fish last Sat. and Sun. Target…. Yellow Tail, method, vertical jigging deep and poppers on the surface. Day 1, we will call it the Pigs Ear of fishing. On my friend Jeffs 21’ cat with Captn. Fernando of Catch 22 Sportfishing and myself. Fish for a solid 8 hours of non-stop jigging and some popping. Results, a few nice rock fish and 1 yellow tail about 16 lbs. Jeff took us to every known hot spot within 30 miles of San Carlos for little. A very, very tough day of fishing. We go home, down trodden but not defeated. Those Yellow Tail can swim but they can’t hide, there is always tomorrow.
The next day myself, my friend Fast Eddie , Mr. Chota and Captn. Fernando jump aboard Captn. Fernandos 26’ CC and head back to sea. We head to Isla Nolasco, the local hot spot 20 miles north of San Carlos. We fish around the entire island until about noon for a couple of medium sized YT’s and some nice rockies . We are looking at a repeat of the day before and are not happy campers. Then about noon we get intel over the radio that the YT are bunched up about 10 miles further north. Sure enough there are maybe 11 boats bunched up in about a 500 ft. diameter circle. And there is some limited action. Boats around us are picking up a few YT’s here and there and we start to deck a couple ourselves. Things are looking up, the action is not red hot but a whole lot better then the last 5 hours of fishing.
Now here is where the “Pigs Ear” turns into the “Silk Purse”. This same weekend there is the annual San Carlos Yellow Tail Tournament and all the boats have to be back at the dock at 2:30pm. . Consequently they have to depart the hot spot by at least 1:00pm as they have a 1 ½ hr. boat ride to get back to port to meet the weigh in dead line. As if by magic, by 1pm the only boat left in the area was “US” all buy our lonesome. Right in the middle of what was to become the hottest area for YT fishing on planet earth. Thank you tournament directors for such an early weigh in time . The bite slowly picked up and by 2:20 it was absolutely the largest open boil of carnivorous YT I have ever seen. For at least a quarter mile in every direction there are boils on a continuous basis. At one time I counted at least 10 boils within 200 meters of our boat. Some would appear within 10 meters of the boat. It was akin to YT heaven, and they were all starving. With so many YT’s in the area the competition for food was vicious. They were sucking down Poppers like they were filet mignon. Captn. Fernando had us stay until the last minute taking advantage of a once in a lifetime YT bite. The fish were all good grade. In the 18-22 lb range. We worked hard all day, it was non-stop action until 6pm when the plug was pulled leaving a zillon aggressive hungry Yellow Tails to find another food source besides plastic or wood.
My fantastic weekend was highlighted by jigging up my first Cabrilla a 22 lb. 9 oz. slug that fought like and oversized Yellow Tail.
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