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Tailhunter La Paz trip 9/15- 9/22

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02 October 2009, 07:09 PM
Tailhunter La Paz trip 9/15- 9/22
Hello, New to this board, actually just found it. My first tirp to Mexico and first trip Fishing the warm water stuff in way too many waters. The last number of years I have resloved myself to Trout and the occasional party trip for bottom fish out of the northwest.

So here it goes: Booked my trip through Tailhunters and will first state-They are a class act and great people. I would highly recommend them for a fishing package deal out of La Paz if that sort of thing is what you are in the market for. Highly recommend.....

This was my first time in La Paz, first time that far south in baja for that matter.

Fished 3 days.

First day was with the Las Arenas Fleet: 4 Yellow Fin, 20,20,30,60. Girlfriend hooked the 60, her first fish aside from a few trout (nice first fish huh). Better yet she tail hooked in the adipose!!! Took well over an hour to get her in. Multiple other Tuna brought in by the fleet. A couple of roosters to 2 lbs caught while making bait. Great day.....lots of fish caught that day by the fleet, tuna grouper dorado, roosters.

Second day fished with the La Paz fleet. Slower, had to find em. Worked the island (forget the name now) a few small grouper and other assorted rock dwellers and then "bam", a small school dorados come racing through- picked up 2 to twenty lbs. Come high noon it had to of been 110 as we sat there dead calm, dying trying to work the dorado back in. Through in the towel and decided to troll a bit (to cool down!!). Fairly slow and then hit a small school on teh troll and managed to bring in 4 more and lose a few more. Fleet caught lots of Dorado that day!!! Heard the Las Arenas fleet did great to Tuna/Dorado slammer day.

Took a drive around the cape. Buena Vista, Playa del sol, Las Palmas looked dreadfully slow in terms of guests, the place looked empty to me. But maybe they were all out on the water when we cruised by. Took the drive all the way to Punta Colarado to find them CLOSED for a month "hurricane season". Drove throuh Cabo, Todos Santos (wish I would have exlpored fishing options there instead of just driving thru for tacos.)
Went back to La Paz and took another crack at Las Arenas.

Third day Las Arenas: Fairly slow for us to start. I had really wanted to give roosterfishin' a crack. No luck, couldn't find them, only them damn pesky needles..... decided to track down the rest of the fleet and do some dorado fishing (tuna had dissapeared for a couple of days). Slow didnt find any and then bam big school racing around, probably nailed 6, lost a few. Rest of the fleet slammed them while we were roosterfishin'. Goes that way some time, but we at least maaged to spend the last few hours playing with some 5-25lb dorado!

That is it in a nut shell. I will tell you from one day to the next the fishing would change. Some days fishing was wide open, others a bit slower but still great. tailhunters puts together a great package and both Jonathan and Jill are genuinely good people. Can't wait to take another trip down there with them.

Pic of the gf's tailhook-