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Heating up in Loreto

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18 January 2008, 10:33 PM
Heating up in Loreto
Hot off the press:

I just got a report from my father 15 miles south of Loreto in BJC. A little background Honey moon is a place where many go to make bait. 6 mile and sailfish are places that are known to locals as good fishing spots. Jose is a local fishing guide, Buddy is a friend of his and Jean is his girlfriend.

Now the report: The winds have died for the first time in two weeks. The bait is back at honeymoon all flavors. Fish at 6 mile & sailfish. We got 2 Cabria at 6 mile then went to Sailfish. Jose got 4 yellows Buddy three Jean had a big one on but it rocked her. Someone got a 53 pounder yesterday.

Edit: The 53 pounder was a yellowtail. Man I need to get back there!
15 July 2008, 12:34 PM
Just finished the "Fishin' for the Mission" tournament... everyone caught fish, winner was a 58# bull dorado... dorado are swarming like no-see-ums in the Florida swamps... sailfish everywhere, marlin hitting fast trolled feathers, several wahoo on the hook... doesn't get any better than this in Loreto. Spearfishing is out of this world, more fish on the reefs than I have seen in 3 years, and blue water hunting wild good fun (find kelp patty, put on fins/mask/snorkel, load gun, start the fire on the BBQ)