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New Bait and Iron Rods - Toro Tamer or even Rainshadow?
Chark or fellows,

I'm planning on getting bait rods for 25, 30, 40, and 60 and also a rod to throw surface irons for yellowtail soon.

I saw the new Toro Tamer rods and the materials sound like something i've been holding out for. I've been using Seeker for the past few years, but don't like the thickness and weight. I was thinking of going to Calstar, since they are a little thinner and lighter, but I think I'd be looking again in a year if I went that route since the difference is marginal compared to the rods and blanks being put out by other companies. I'm wondering if the new Toro Tamers or even rainwater will fill my needs or will I have to shell out a premium for United Composite if i want thinner and lighter rods.

Would the new Toro Tamer Topwater rods cover me for bait? Do they have enough backbone the right amount of tip flex for fishing braid with flouro? I'm assuming i'd get the topwater 30 for 25 and 30, and topwater 50 for 40 and 60.

Also would the Topwater 40 C work for throwing iron? I know it's an 8 foot rod, but i'm wondering if the 2 piece construction makes it less conducive for casting than a one piece rod. I've never considered anything over 7 feet before since it's longer length makes it tough for me to store and transport.

I'm open to any suggestions.


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First off, the two piece 8 foot popping rods really impressed the heck out of me this year. Used them quite a bit along with the 6 1/2 one piece jigging rods. In September I was using the 8 footer to toss iron to tuna and ended up with what turned out to be a 108# bluefin. The rod was exceptional under that load. The bend of the rod kept pressure on the big fish, didn't break my back and had power. Wonderful rod to fish, no issue with the two piece design - typical of popper rods the blank fits into the handle, travels well and loads up great. No issue with the 2 piece design, only positives in terms of action of the rod and convenience of not having to deal with a longer rod in transport. Dealt well with the larger tuna, wahoo, dorado...length and bend were beneficial.

The 7 foot rods that we've just introduced are equally impressive, and I'm looking forward to fishing them this next season. The materials used in the blanks construction is excellent, very similar to United Composites helix design but adds the benefit of the new Nano resins. Very strong rods, over built in terms of the guides being used, reel seat etc. when compared to other rods for under $300. Given construction, guides & components they are not built to be the lightest rods in their category, the UC CE rods we now have in inventory are much lighter, but the bend is more progressive, not quite as fast so they cover a wider range of application. They were designed for fishing bait and can cover iron as well. Not as parabolic as the Ahi Assassin jigging rods. They will prove themselves very capable performers for many years, no doubt.

I also spent time fishing the Jigging rods again this year, the 300 is VERY powerful and covers 60-80# quite nicely fishing bait or iron. Though made with a more parabolic bend, for bait use I like the piece for 60#, going deep iron instead no issues running up to 100# amd 10-16 ounce lures. Used it for dropper loop as well.

All the new rods come from the same factory, and that factory is quite unique. It's a New Zealand owned firm doing the work for us, and they are very well schooled in our old Saber, Seeker & Calstar designs. GUSA/United Composites also was well known by them, the factory does some work for the previous owner of UC and that explains the production techniques used which are similar. If a person wants the benefits of the UC rods but does not want to put in the $ for those rods, the Ahi's offer many of the same benefits at a lower cost of entry.

The Topwater 30 will cover 25-30# just fine, the longer 8 footer 40 will handle that test great, the Topwater 50 covering 50, and will do 60 though I do like the jigging 300 at 60 and it would still be my top choice if there's an option to run a fourth rod which could bump up one class as needed.

Great Stuff!
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