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10/12 Day Trip Tackle Suggestions

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11 February 2021, 09:58 PM
10/12 Day Trip Tackle Suggestions
Hey guys. Just want some opinions as I'm gearing up for a trip. I'm buying some new gear and just want some opinions. I'm planning on fishing 30-40# on a shimano terez 8ft MH using a torium 20 loaded with 65lb braid to either a 30-40# super short top shot. Thinking about buying a UC Challenger Platinum RCP 70HF. Thinking about a avet mxj raptor or jx G2 6/3 MC loaded with 65lb braid to 40# fluro. I have a UC Challenger Platinum RCP 70HP with a avet HX 5/2 MC loaded with 65lb braid with 50# super short fluro leader. I am also looking to purchase a 60# combo. I'm considering another RCP 70HP or a UC RCX60XXH also with a avet HX 5/2 mc loaded with 80# hollow braid with 60# wind on leader. What are your thoughts about the gear I have mentioned and if you were going to buy a 80# UC/avet combo, what would it look like? All suggestions are appreciated.
19 February 2021, 08:43 AM
The RCP's are not for everyone, rather unique in action and build. Not designed to be light, these are six ply rods, very fast in action, powerful pieces which are made to fish hard. UC has other series of rods which are softer/slower in action, will offer a more moderate bend. RCP's are suited to more aggressive fishing styles. The HF is what I fish 40# on, going to the RCP70HP at very aggressive 50# and 60#. I've taken several 150 tuna on this rig. Quite capable piece, loads up beautifully and does not bottom out, she's a hard puller. At 80# I fish the RCP70HX. There are other options, the RGP series which takes the RUS series to a higher level. 6' boat rod RCX60, verses RCP 7 footer: if it's trolling duty go RXC60, if any casting or bait use, rod in hands, then the 7 foot option makes most sense.

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