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I love my custom 8 foot Calstar 270 and use it with 25# monofilament on a Newell 332 with the Tiburon (converting it to Penn 99 size)conversion. I use it for bait and for light jigs and plastics.

I also have an 8 ft Lamiglas with Aftco mini-roller guides which I use with a Shimano Calcutta 400 for tossing chovies. I can flyline an anchovy farther with that rig than most guys can with long spinning gear. It's pretty good for fighting fish also!

I would like a heavier jig stick for tossing Iron with 40# line. I don't want to spend a king's ransom on the rod so the Okuma C901XH seems like it will be a decent choice. Can't beat the price. I will use this with an Avet MHJ Raptor with 65# braid and a 40# casting topshot.

The longest trip I will do with the rod would probably be 1.5 days. I am getting a bit old (74 today!) for longer range trips.

However, my son-in-law has just purchased a 38 ft trawler and I will be tossing jigs from his boat.

What do you think of the C901XH for my uses? Or, should I go for the 8 ft model. Easier to transport but, I think that the 9 ft model will get me a couple of extra yards in the cast! That might be the difference in getting a strike on a party boat...
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