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I have seen a few pic/video Anglers use a knot sleeve to protect between the knot and the solid Ring(or where never you tie to). I did a search and found something call knot sleeve from Jigstar. I like the idea but would like to use 200lbs ToroTamer for it. Anyone done that before? Thoughts?
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Might be a solution looking for a problem... I've seen some vids of guys doing this, usually lighter tests to help protect a weaker knot. We typically run chaffing springs, chaffing tubes, a similar idea to protect the line from metal at the hook's (or other metal) ring. It's helpful, no doubt a good way to help minimize line fatigue and breaks at a connecting point. It's something to play around with, but not something I'm doing personally for my connecting joints between braid and terminal rigs since I don't tend to run my braid straight to a hook or lure. I'll run mono or FL line to the lure/hook. Than I may run a chaffing spring depending upon the line tests and application. The idea is something to play around with, but a case can be made to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, not add anything which might effect weight, suppleness, diameter... Interesting topic, and something to mess around with when you can't be on the water.

Great Stuff!
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Doesn’t sounds like it’s a thing that’s done often enough. Good to know.
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