top shot 101
ok, dumass question - what is a 'top shot'? i'm guessing it's a leader, perhaps a long one?

for purposes of san diego long range fishing (3+ days) how long should it be and how many pounds higher than my main line should it be?

so if i have a penn 113h 4/0 that has some 400+ yards of 30# mono, how long and what # should the top shot be.

what % of folks run a top shot and/or leader vs just straight line on the spool?

i guess i'm wondering the need for a top shot or leader with something like a 4/0 that already has a ton of line capacity. as this is a 30# class reel, if i need 50# i can just spool it with straight 50# mono and still get some 300+ yards on it - isn't that enough or no?

any input re line choice also appreciated - mono, fluoro, super braids, etc...

thanks, david
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A top shot is a leader, but typically it's a mono or flurocarbon leader in front of spectra main line. Length is a matter of taster. for reels I cast a lot, I like a mono top shop -- perhaps with a short fluro leader -- long enough so that I won't cast beyond it, say 75 yards. For my heavy stuff, I use a much shorter top shot so it is easier for the bait to swim; spectra s much lighter and has less drag than heavy mono. The catch is that spectra doesn't stretch at all, and fluro stretches very little so i have to be careful not to pull hooks. If you have a 4/0 filled with 30# mono, you don't need a top shot, but you might tie on a 2 or 3 foot fluro leader for stealth.
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