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Truth Reels Comparison

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25 April 2016, 03:41 PM
Truth Reels Comparison
Hi Mark and all,

by the way - love the operation you guys have going on - even from across the country.

I have a question about the Truth Reels - is the SG basically an avet MXL and the LG an avet LX? Looks like the SG has similar drag ratings as the avet LX, even with a bit more. I like my LX but am looking for something with a little higher top end if I happen to hook into a 100+ Yellow fin (all bait fishing). Also I saw one SG review that said the reel would start to bind up 12/13 pounds. what are your thoughts?

28 April 2016, 06:53 AM
Sizewise the LG matches up with an LX Avet. The Truth SG is a tweener between an SX and MX series reel, with a bit more drag, a tad more cranking power given the longer arm for the handle. The guys who own 'em love 'em. As to that 100# yellowfin, not so easy given gearing is pretty fast, no two speed option. It's doable, more so on a smaller private boat than the big SD based sportfishers. But, I'd really prefer a bit more grinding power from a two speed with low gear capability for that sized fish. Definitely would be sporting. The whole Truth line has evolved nicely, more refined than in the beginning, nicer pieces and really more robust by design. I like the reels a lot, but that 100# tuna will be easier to bring in with an Avet SX Raptor (easier, not necessarily easy).

Great Stuff!