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525 Mag Handle Upgrade

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05 April 2012, 09:27 PM
525 Mag Handle Upgrade
Here are some pictures of my latest upgrade.

I was not all that happy with the handle on my 525 Mag so I decided to make a change. Here is a pic of the 525 before the change.

Here is the stock handle side by side the new handle.

Here are a couple of pictures after the change out.

The handle is a direct swap out, you use the stock nut cap and nut cap screw.

The new handle knob feels much larger than the stock and if you have big hands it may be something you may want to look at. Did I really need to do the swap for catching bass, barracuda and bonita here on the west coast? No, but more and more I find myself using lighter line after catching a couple of school sized tuna, to the dismay of some deck hands and boats that want to keep their catch rates high and that's why I went for the change. Also, for the last couple of years the tuna locally have been line shy so lighter line has been the norm. I feel this handle will work better for me while fighting larger fish on light line. The handle did not add any noticeable weight increase over the stock but the knob does feel a little big to me. I wish Penn would of had something in between the stock knob and the replacement though I'm sure I will get use to it. It just may feel a bit funny because it is something new.
06 April 2012, 09:50 AM
Hi Socal. Great idea. Is the "new" handle from a Penn Torque? It certainly loos like it.

I know with my own 525 MAG reels, I swapped out the handle for the Daiwa Sealine handle (the old black series with the graphite spools). I'm old school and I like the traditional torpedo-style knobs.

Anyway, good stuff for sure!
06 April 2012, 04:01 PM
Yep it's a Torque handle. I do not care too much for the hard plastic handles of the Sealine's, if there the ones I'm thinking of, a bit slippery when wet but I do like that "old school" look also.