Trolling lures?
Getting geared up for a Nov. trip to PV/Cabo. Would welcome suggestions for some skirted lures that would work well in both places. Due to weight restrictions (airlines) I can only take about a half dozen. Anybody got some favorites, preferably stocked by Charkbait? Will be targeting mostly marlin/tuna. Any suggestions?
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Chark has several "kits" for trolling composed of mixed manufacturers' baits. Take a look at these if space is lacking.
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So many to choose with different head styles, where you place each in the spread and sizes, can and are much debated. I like the Zuker line. Why? Because that what I grew up fishing and they still produce well for me. Now throw in which colors and it can make your head spin.

I'll list some colors I like. In the Cabo area for marlin, petrolero is a very good color at times. I'd also take two lighter corlos like dorado, bleeding dorado and one more darker like mean joe green or purple/black. That should cover you in colors.

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Thanks for the replie's, gents, I'll keep it simple and order some various zukers.
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