Penn Baja's
Are they good reels?

I used one for snook fishing last week and it was amazing! It's more like a torque than a 4/0! I'm not talking about the little snook you see Rowland Matrin catch in Jupitter Inlet, I'm talking about big, fat, full of eggs, snook. I muscled a big 15# out from under the pier with ease!

I have an Avet MXL setup that I reeally like. But I feel a Baja Special will be a step up.

Do you think it is worth the money for me to give up the MXL?

Love the opinions!
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Pro Staff
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As you have discovered, the 113HN Baja Special is an incredible reel, and not at all like a "4/0" internally.
Upgraded gears, upgraded drag, more ball-bearings, upgraded handle/knob, upgraded frame, reversible harness lugs, disconnecting pinion gear for better freespool and casting, even a choice of orientating the gearbox "forward" or "rearward".
Many anglers still are not aware how good it really is for many different kinds of fishing.
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Ditto. It's a great reel. We just jigged up a 60# ling cod on a Baja Special last week in Elfin Cove.
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I am planning on using the 113HN with braid for my surf sharking rod . . .I can see it is going to be my go to reel. Or should I say reels. . .
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