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I am looking for some Hawaiian Snaps (AKA: McMahon Scissor Snaps). I have found them on the Internet but, shipping is so high (for these relatively light and small items) that I would like to find a source locally. IMO, these are the best snaps available. Thanks!
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PLine has had a few sizes available, stocked at our shops. I have not double checked availability or current inventory on the wall at HB, can do so once I get back to work or give a call to the folks at the shop. Ask for Tom (Sunday through Thursday), he'll know what you're talking about.

Great Stuff!
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Thanks for the personal service... I really like the Hawaiian (AKA: McMahon) they are small, lightweight and quite strong and secure.

I will often have one at the end of my line or monofilament leader.

I will set up a dozen or so leaders using fluorocarbon leader material with hooks on one end and a small welded ring at the other. I keep the leaders + hooks in a loose leaf type of tackle binder. I have them in different size hooks and different test fluorocarbon and have them marked as to size hook and weight fluoro. It is then easy and quick to switch hooks without having to tie knots during a fast bite. Simply detach the present leader and attach the new one using the snap and ring...

When I fished on the Gulf in Florida, we wold use a piece of PVC, about the length of the leader. Simply attach the hook over the PVC at one end and use a heavy rubber band on the other end. However, I think that the looseleaf style book is better.

I will also have lengths of leader material with only the ring at one end. I can then tie these to whatever lure I am wanting to use at the moment...

Some purists say that this will frighten the fish yet those same people have no qualms about adding a rubber core sinker.
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