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Accurate reels going to the dawgs?

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31 March 2012, 02:05 PM
Accurate reels going to the dawgs?

02 April 2012, 01:37 PM
Dual drags and triple dog, does this mean that that other vendors will have quad drags and sext-dawgs?
03 April 2012, 05:35 PM
I've always liked dawgs... On a reel, dogs don't fail, bearings can if not maintained or put under too high a load. Folks liked the silent, no click sound that a one way bearing offers. Shimano catered to that, then others were left to follow or suffer with folks not buying their reels.... We, and others tried to educate, but the majority of folks wanted the sound characteristics of the bearings more than the robust design of dogs. Remember when Avet faced those issues on their old SX and MX series reels... Now, using both bearings and dogs, that could be close to perfection. That's exactly what Accurate will do on at least one model.

There is some confusion regarding this change in design. It ONLY will be done on their BX2 30 and 30 narrow, and the BX2-600 and 600N. That's it, and the cost will be something like $70.

For most folks, for most applications, this is no big deal. For folks targeting BIG fish, fishing the rail on smaller gear - like those Accurate models mentioned, this can be a very good thing - FOR THAT APPLICATION. I'd also suggest to Accurate, that originally it was the jigging community who were looking for this type of feature, but plans changed upon the input of some of the BIG TUNA GUYS.

Will we ever see these changes on their BX reels, not sure, kind of doubt it. They upgraded the bearing used on the BX's verses the older B series about 3 years ago. As a result, I've yet to see a toasted bearing over here, and we've had lots of clients fishing these reels hard. No need for them to make a change for most of us. But, marketing and demand may influence that one.

I did get to see the design and play with it...though they would not let me photograph it. Interesting design, you've pretty much always got one dog engaged so the anti-reverse is very direct. Almost like the bearing in that regard...except you will hear a "click" or was that "click-click-click."

Great Stuff!