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Are we supposed to use the numbers on the Saltist (20, 30, etc.)reels as the suggested line weight? Seems like a small amount of line for offshore use.....
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IMO it is kind of a suggestion to use the 20's for 20lb the 30's for 30lb and so on. This has to do with the amount of strait mono the reel will hold and drag pressure they will put out. Last year I picked up a BG20H from Chark and use it for surface iron. This reel is matched to a Calstar 270H-8 and I fish 50lb spectra with short 25lb top shots on it. When I first got the reel I was getting around 11lbs of drag out of it before I did anything to it. When I did a prefishing service to the reel I found a oily substance on the drag washer. This did not look like grease to me on the drag washers but more like oil, it had a very thin viscosity. The drag washers were coated very heavily with this substance which appeared as too much for my liking. I wiped down both the carbon and metal washers in the stack, greased and lubbed everything up and put the reel back together. Now I get closer to 15lbs of drag and the reel feels just as smooth when line is pulled off under load. Both the Saltist 20's and 30's have the same drags so you could fish 30lb line on either one and after cleaning the drag washers I could even fish 40lb if I wanted to but for me I like something more robust than a 20 or 30 for 40lb line.
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I have grown to learn that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sure there is a reasonable limit or size to fit a particular pupose, but do what you want to do with whatever reel rod that you feel right for you. Nobody should just follow what an "expert" says to do. You never know until you try. That goes for bait, hooks, knots, line etc. Keep your eyes open and live a little and enjoy the experience. That adds a little more fun to going with a new approach, or technique. Like cooking something new, sometimes it gets better, sometimes it's a disaster!!!

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