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Going out on the Intrepid on a 15 day next January. Can I get a break down list of suggested Jigs and lures I should be ordering. I'm in Texas so everything will be ordered on line. Please include the best "make and models". I've got some big diamond jigs and an assortment of others that looked good on the shelf but have never caught anything. I want to start buying this stuff so I don't show up with all the wrong stuff. Thanks
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On my RRIII 15 day in March, only two types lures were used: Marauders for trolling (I used the boats trolling rods and lures) and wahoo bombs to case for wahoo. Charkbait has a large selection of bombs. Get a half dozen or so in different colors and you'll be set. You might get a single hook Salas PL68 in glo white to jig for tuna at night but almost all of your fishing will be with live bait.
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A jig is a special type of lure which is designed to move vertically rather than horizontally. The fisherman moves the fishing rod back and forth and the lure "jigs" up and down in a manner designed to resemble prey.
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