AVET SX Raptor
Hello all.. Just recently picked up an SX Raptor. I will be pairing it with a Daiwa Proteus 8ft rod which has a line rating of 80 to 100. I had the MX..but honestly I hate big reels..im a calico man at heart. I have A Calcutta D on a heavy rod that I landed a 25# yellowtail on..just want a little bit more balls and I think the SX Raptor should do the trick. Ill be going out on a charter to catch it all in Oct..Yellow Tail, Tuna, Dorado..Yellowfin. Bluefin etc.. I don't believe the tuna will be really huge..maybe the footballs some maybe around 50 who knows. My question is should I go with the 60 Pound Spectra say 400 yards and finish the spool with what?..Floro or mono ? ..? amount of topshop? Thanks
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also I would like to throw irons..flat tails and jigs as well as bait. just fyi
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Proteus - 80-100#? Maybe you're looking at a braid spec but really that spec may be what I consider an inaccurate "braid" rating. Check the mono rating for a more accurate picture of where the rod should be fished, a guideline for how much drag and that's the key point. The little Avet is a fun piece to fish, no doubt. I'd look at it as a reel good for up to 50# braid, realistically fished at 15-17 lbs of drag with a short leader of fluorocarbon. If you want a fatter line, go 60. But, I don't count on 400 yds. Very line specific to reach that level. Typically it's 50# braid on the piece.
50# Toro 16 strand hollow - 400 yds fills with room for 20 yds 50# leader
60# Toro 8 strand "solid" 300 yds, 60 yds Momoi 30# fills
60# Toro 12 strand - 325 fills

A typical 3-4 strand braid will generally be fatter. The better 8 strand solid will offer greater capacity, typically better fibers. Hollow 12 and 16 strand lines will generally offer greater capacity given they are hollow and will flatten upon spooling under pressure & quality of fibers better. Toro's 8 and 16 lines use the same fibers.

Great Stuff!
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