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I like new gear as much as the next guy but sometimes with some tweaks to older gear you can give that old trusty stuff new life.

Here is a reel I upgraded recently and if your familiar with fishing light baits here in So Cal you should know Daiwa's SL/SH reels.

I picked up a aftermarket frame and the drags and handle can be purchased right here at Charkbait.

New drags

With the frame and new handle dosn't this look like a new reel?

Here is a ProGear YTS I did a while back. I added a stainless gear shaft, 5 stack drag upgrade and double dogged the reel.

I had to grind a bit away on the left of the sideplate to get the second dog to fit.

I also had to do a mod to the new dog itself to get it to fit.

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Once you said "I had to grind away, " etc., you were waaaay ahead of me. I read some on Alan Tani's site with respect and no intention of doing the kind of work that some guys manage. When a Torque conventional (15, say) shows up with an adjusted magnetic cast control, for example, I will be interested, but I have no intention of trying to mod it myself. That said; the reel does look sharp. Good luck with it.
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Nice work Mark, and thanks for sharing. Have you ever thought of doing aftermarket servicing of reels?

Great Stuff!
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Not sure what your asking Mark but I do work on my reels, my fathers and friends reels as well. Every reel I buy, new or used, the first thing I do is tear it down and do a prefishing service to them. Several manufactures have started to ship their new saltwater reels in pretty good shape for fishing but there is always things you can do to make them fish better, feel nicer or fight corrosion longer.

Most of the newer reels by the big name manufactures don't really need aftermarket work done to them like frames, upgraded drags and handles, it's the older stuff where you can do some very nice mods. One area to look at in new reels is their bearings. No reel manufacture makes bearings themselves they install them strait from their supplier. I always clean out the stock bearing grease and lube spool related bearings with a high tech lubricant which offers better freespool, in some cases much better, and repack all other bearings with a marine grade grease. Most bearing makers only install enough grease to keep them lubricated and not fully pack them.

Every reel I own has had some work done to them, some as simple as the bearing treatment and greasing drags that the manufacture ships dry to full frame replacement, drag, drag plate, handle upgrades, double dogs and the list goes on.
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