Savage Squish jigs
How nice to see them here again! Especially the 80g. size. slow-pitch jigging seems heavily bent towards deeper water, there are darn few jigs of that size around ... anyone making a 60 g. jig?
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Smaller jigs, micro jigging has it's place for sure. Problem for suppliers is that not so many guys have fu\igured out that going small does not necessarily mean smaller fish caught. So, often the small jigs have lower sales than mid-size. This can evolve as we fishermen explore other techniques, micro-jigging slow pitch jigs is one more tool for us. May also represent a regional option, given we typically fish greater depths here in SoCal than in Florida along the coast. The fly guys have it right, match the hatch. We will stock smaller lures as we see demand.

Great Stuff!
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I'll keep an eye open for them. On Long Island, N.Y., finding water more 100' feet deep on a partyboat means at least a 36 hr. trip. Local tackle stores aren't seeing any demand for slow-pitch jigs below 80 gr. either. I don't normally buy from overseas suppliers, but for this, I may have to do so - just to see.
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