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I provided some info about a month ago regarding the MadMac bite off Ensenada MX on bluefin tuna. Won't go into that now, but did want to share some info regarding the lures. Seems a fellow bought all the stock (relatively dead stock) from East Coast retailers, then posted the lures for about $200 on ebay. I was told that Nomad would bring in what stock they had by air because they felt this person was "ripping off" fishermen.

We were informed a couple weeks ago that Nomad was going to air freight in stock of the lures - but they were adding $5 per lure to cover the air shipping. Frankly, to my way of thinking they may have had the right idea of air'ing in more lures but at $5/lure...well, that's a bit of a rip-off, too. We have received our backorders on the lures, and have increased our price by the cost Nomad placed on us, an increase of $5/lure. We posted the lures on our website, sold 1/3 of the inventory and we will now disable purchase of the lure online. Remaining stock will only be sold at our shop, limit of 2 lures per client. We are limiting the number of lures a person can buy, so as not to create the same ebay ripoff event of price gouging.

Guys, this happens each year. One lure gets promoted by "someone" often associated with a product in one way or another. Then it gets amplified by way of messageboards. (not unlike what our govt does with twitter and facebook). Over the past 10 years we've seen this with Halco Max 130's, poppers, flying fish, slow pitch jigs, fast jigs, our CB Slash...every year. The insecurity of us fishermen is rather amazing. What gets fished the most gets bit the most.

For those thinking outside the box. Grab a couple Halco Max 220's and drag them at 10 knots plus. If you have YoZuri Bonita lures, give them a go.
Most important part seems to be a planing head lure which can troll at 10-15 knots. The Halco Max lures have worked, we know it, sold thru our current inventory, but we'll have more next week.

Great Stuff!
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