130 or 200 ?
Hi Mark (or anyone that can help), please note I am a “RookieSmiler

I saw the video you used 130lbs 16 Strand to make Assist Hooks. I am going to go that route but have questions:

1) most pre-made on the retail shelf states they are 250 or 300 or some numbers that’s higher than 130lbs you were showing. 130 good/strong enough or I should go 200? 130 will have (comparing to 200) better action to the jig? More strike?

2) can 12 Strand make Assist Hooks since Toro Tamer have 130lbs 12 Strand?

3) I kind of leaning on the 130lbs vs 200lbs (because the way they are packaged). I know I need more than 25 Meter but I don’t need 1000 Meter. 200lbs only have 25 or 1000

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As to the braid's test, pretty much up to the angler and what he's targeting. What you might use for large tuna will differ with wnat's needed for 5-20 lb rockfish. The nice thing about making your own is that you can re-rig as needed, don't have to run heavy braid unless you feel it's called for. I prefer the 16 strand for inline use, but a 12 strand braid can be used, too. Given what you're doing making an assist hook rig, it's easier than an inline leader rig - diameter ends up smaller. You can make quite a few with a 25M spool, and you can run different colors which may make it easier to recognize different tests.

Great Stuff!
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Order in!!! Thanks Mark!!
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