Speed jig rigging
I read a couple of the posts relating to this and pulled some of the scraps together, but I wanted to make sure that I got it right.

I should tie the mainline to a welded ring with the assist hooks attached to that ring. If the iron comes with that welded ring already, bonus, otherwise use a split ring to connect the welded ring to the iron?

Secondary question. Does anyone use a barrel swivel with a jig at all?
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We can over think this. Attaching the line directly to the hooks via a welded ring is the strongest connection. But if your non-welded ring is strong, tying directly to that ring is OK as long as the line doesn't rub on the sharp ends on the ring. As for swivels: They will affect the action of your jig but how much that affects the attractiveness of the jig to the fish is anybody's guess. I suspect it depends on the particular jg.
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Thanks for the quick reply AK.
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CharkBait Staff
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I'd probably recommend against attaching assist hooks to a split ring, not only because split rings are a lot less durable than solid rings but also because they're typically not very polished at the ends so the edges can fray the braid. For most applications it probably wouldn't hurt, but if you've got an expensive jig going for big fish it is better to be safe. If you tie to the solid ring and attach the jig via a split ring then the worst that would happen is losing the jig. Swivels don't really do much for the action of the jig, fast and slow pitch jigs don't tend to spin much but once you're on a fish it may reduce some of your line twist over time. For bigger fish the easiest way to get a swivel is to put it at the end of a crimped leader. If you want it on the jig or on a back hook you'd have to weld rings to it, otherwise you're back to relying on a split ring.
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