Avet vs. Avet Raptor
Does it make sense to step up to the Raptor series for "normal" offshore fishing? Fishing 30lb - 80lb rigs.

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CharkBait Staff
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Depends upon the reel, line test being fished and your drag setting. Locally we have big bluefin hanging off our coast, CLOSE. In that case an HX Raptor is required at a minimum I'd say if you intend on targeting larger fish. The tuna have been eating the heavier lines, 80-100#. That puts the odds in your favor. But, you've got to have enough drag to work that line properly - meaning RAPTOR. Forget about the smaller SX, MX series Raptors, and the standard 40# JX/LX 2 speeds are undergunned for whats around if you are going on a boat that's focusing on trophys. This is a most unusual year - no doubt about it. Avet 30 and 30W make very good sense. And, one of our clients today just got a 50, he was schooled on his HX for 2 1/2 hours before loosing the fish at the gaff. That's the type of stuff that's going on out there. Different boats will approach things differently, in no small part based upon the talent that gets aboard their boat and the number or rod-renters. Best to be prepared if you intend on playing the big fish game.

Great Stuff!
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Thanks Mark.

Going on a 3 day trip out of San Diego and I hear you about the size of the fish this year. It sounds like it may more sense to focus on the larger gear and use my old stuff for the lighter set-ups. I'll get your guys input when I come in to get the gear.

Thanks again for the help!
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