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Pre work corb report 6-19-14

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19 June 2014, 10:40 AM
Pre work corb report 6-19-14
Met up with Brandon around 6am and hit the corbina spot. Brandon was loaded up with fresh caught ghost shrimp and I stopped on the way and made 50 SC's in 5 to 10 min. right off the bat we had corbs in the skinny. Knowing how touchy and line shy they where last time I went straight to the 2# fluoro and #8 red mosquito hook. within 15 min I had my first hook up to a tanker class corbina. Unfortunately the fish smoked off 30 yrds of line and broke me off on the edge of the sand bar. Was fun as heck while it lasted though. 20 min later I finally get one to bite out of a group of 5. another smoking run on the 2# but his time I was able to stop the fish. Took about 10 minto land on the 2#. About a 23" model. Pice below.

23"er on the sand

Mug shot

Glory shot

Release shots

Not long after the release, all the corbs we where seeing disappeared. Fished till 9am and the called it a morning as the target species went MIA.

No bites for Brandon on the GS.

If you don't think pound test and hook size makes a difference. That's 4 hookups for 3 fish for me on the 2# fluro and #8 mosquito hook and no fish for Brandon on the 4# and #6 mosquito. Needless to say Brandon switched to 2# but a little late. May give it a go tomorrow morning.

Tight lines,