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Fishing with the Haz !!! More corbina action 4-15-12

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15 April 2012, 01:06 PM
Fishing with the Haz !!! More corbina action 4-15-12
First rule of fishing is never leave fish to find fish so that being said I hit the bay this morning at O'dark thirty hoping the corbs where still in the area. Used the usual set up and bait. In the first hr I had landed a nice little butt around 16 to 17" and got lazy and didn't retie my 4# leader. Next cast I get bit (felt like the right kind) and I set the hook and the rod goes bendo and then slack ?? Reel in my line to find the hook gone. Butt probobly nicked the line. Thats what I get for being lazy!! Right as I finish getting set back up I see the store manager John "The Haz" Hazlet walking up with rod in hand. Sweet!! We both start working the shoreline and about 15 min later theres a tap on the line and then ZZZZZZZ its off to the races. Few nice drag burning runs and then a nice 20" model corbina hits the sand

20" corbina

Glory shot, thanks for taking the pic John

Released the fish and went back to work. We both got a couple bites but couldn't get them to stick. Finaly about 20 min later I get the all familiar tap tap bite. I let the fish load up the rod and then ZZZZZZZZ off to the races again. Short while later and a clean and dark little 15"er slides up on the sand.

Little 15"

John and I fished for another hr or so but the tide dropped and the fish moved on as we had no other action. Did have a close call with a little stingray while working the shoreline though. John noticed this guy burried right in my walking path about 2' away from me in about a 1' of water.

Burried stingray

See it ?? sure glad neither of us stepped on it. By this time John had to leave to open the shop and I tried for another hr to get bit but at 9am I called it a day.

10 trips for 19 corbina in 2012

Tight lines,

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