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Called today 12/19/17
Wanted to order 30 Krocs in 1 oz, 1.5 oz and 2.25 oz. chrome prism tape

Only ONE 2.25 in stock.

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CharkBait Staff
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Sorry, we're not sitting on deep inventory beyond what rate of sale warrants. We can get the product quickly both from manufacturer and distributor, within 2-3 days time from distributor or 1-2 weeks from factory. These days if I tried to be too deep in product like that we'd be out of business. That's the reality of a retail business for the past 8 years time. There's not capital, lending by banks, to support deep inventory. Understand, a million dollar inventory does have limits. 15 years ago, that bought more. These days it's spread over many more products from more manufacturers and reels and rods are where most of our inventory dollars are spent. I go deep where it makes sense, and stocking 30+ krocs covers about 1 years rate of sale on that particular pattern and weight. Great lure, but it's not bread and butter for most folks fishing and can't rationalize holding more than a couple weeks inventory on a rack. Survival at retail is all about turns. Same for our suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. That's reality. Wish it were different, and maybe in future it will be as our economy transitions away from the stupidity of what we had in Washington. Mr. Obama did just about everything wrong from an economic standpoint - bunch of really dumb Keynesian policy moves which sucked out capital from businesses, banks became far more restrictive.... We still have a lot of inventory at $1M, but it has to work for us or its trimmed. Otherwise my family is not eating well, nor the folks I work with.

At 30 pieces, even 8 years ago I probably would not have had them unless there was some special buy available which made sense - like when I gobbled up about 800 of the 7 ouncers when they were going away. We cleared the manufacturers inventory prior to Normark (Rapala) buying Luhr Jensen, 3000 plus pieces of Krocs, now long gone. We can get your 30, but we have to go thru either distributor or manufacturer. Distributor probably wont have 30 pieces, (facing same problem of capital) so it's manufacturer. We can do, but you would have to have a bit of patience.

Great Stuff!
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I am trying to always keep your shop in the loop as much as I can.....
You know this....I have bought enough tackle over the years from you to fund a new boat.

Each order I have placed over the last couple of years, one thing or another always comes up "on order"

I live full time in Baja......I need to stock up with more than a couple of Krocs.....these rocks down here are killing me!!

FYI.....Tackle Direct in New Jersey had 10 of each in stock and are sitting at my sons house within 4 days, waiting my arrival there.
$300 clams worth.

Perhaps now that the business tax structure has been changed... and regulations about Dodd/Frank have been repealed, the shop can get a bit fatter with stock.

FWIW....Krocs, in chrome prism tape IS the go to lure for here in Baja Sur inshore fishing.

I called the HB store and the young man told me he had no clue how long it would take to get some Krocs into the shop.

In the future, I suppose I will have to plan my restocking of lures well in advance to allow for "out of stock" situations.

Keep the faith Mr Chark......Hillary did LOSE after all.

Merry Christmas

Dale Clark
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Hmmm, they should sell them in Mexico.
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