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This is the update from the American Angler. It is just an example, not the total, of what they caught this trip.

The stars, the moon, the palm tree and your neighbor's car were in a line to just make this an Awesome trip, with a great group of people. And so I would like to say this for all of you Anglers out there that are still sitting on the fence wondering if you should jump on a Long Range boat sometime in the next couple of months - maybe these numbers might change your mind if you're in the market for a Big Tuna. 257, 195, 126, 240, 283, 204, 172, 208, 163, 218, 247, 174, 171, 244, 118, 220, 324, 128, 267, 155, 214, 327, 287, 288, 263, 264, 178, 183, 176, 187, 150, 250, 146 and 153 just as an example. And in the last couple of days there have been 3 more fish that taped out over 300 lb on some of the boats fishing the area we left a few days ago. Last year was record-breaking for fish over 200 lbs, this may be the season to break the record on fish over the 300 lb. mark?
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