Fishing Vanuatu
Has anyone fished in Vanuatu and can tell me if equipment is available locally or should one bring everything?
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You could contact Steve Badman at http://www.demonjigs.com/ he moved his business there from Oz and is a fisherman and as they say there a "Fair Dinkum bloke", here's his email ceo@demonjigs.com <ceo@demonjigs.com> and when you contact him tell him I said hi.

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Thanks for the info, I will contact him and say hi for you.
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Sorry for the late reply.I've fished there,several fully equipted boats (heavy and light tackle ) operating out of port villa harbour.YFT,Black and Blue marlin,dorado ,Swordfish and Sailfish,are all there most of the time,November is the prime month for all fish,but the rest of the year is good by any standards too. Boat prices are much the same as the US. A few local fishermen will take you out on their boats ,obviously cheaper than the big game boats out of port villa and you'll need your own equiptment on these.The inshore sea has plenty of GT's ,rainbow runner ,and smaller tuna (skipjack,dogtooth ect) and working plugs and surface poppers is a great way to go,heavy fly tackle is good fun too.So for offshore I'd stick with the outfits at port villa (you can get into grander marlin if your lucky !) inshore ,I'd use my own gear and seek out the locals ,who can be haggled down to a very cheap price ($100 -ish) for a great days fishing.Shore fishing with the same gear is also good,especially from rock ledges into deepish water,plenty of GT's ,queenies and a host of reef fish will keep you busy.Hope this helps.
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