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It's not whether you win or lose.....
it's how you play the game. Remember that old saying....and it's always said by the losing team, right? Well, after reading all the good advice for our new colleagues on catching the big 'uns and reading about the great hook ups and catches so far, I think a word or two about the snap off or heartbreak at boatside may be in order for the newbies to this great sport.

One thing about catching all those cows and ''s not the catching that shows you paid them dues at a Long Ranger, it's how you lose when you lose tbat big 'un that shows whether yo upaid them dues to be called a Long Ranger. When you fish enough, you will lose that big 'un. It may be an abraded line chaffing on the boat hull, a fish so big it straightened the hook out liket a darning needle, a bite off from too many nicks inflicted over the course of an epic battle, or that triple Sandy Eggo Palomar reverse double albright knot that pulled right off. It happens. And it happens after a long weary battle that had you on your knees longer than Monica Lewinsky alternating with the rod butt up YOUR butt from sitting on the rod at the rail. What happens when the awful POP occurs or the rod swings up slack and your eyeballs bulge with disbelief?

Some people throw a hissy fit, yelling and scremaing and moaning, and blaming the deckhand, the skipper, the reel, the rod, and the sardine when they fought so hard and lost the big 'un. But that is just the nature of the sport. If you do lose a big 'un, it's just not your time yet. Think of it this way, you did not lose the fish, you just earned your stripes fighting the fight of your life. You just expereinced something very few people have experinced. This ain't trout fishing or watching Jimmy Houston braggin' about that 5 pound bass he caught on 25 pound line. It's about that 250 pound tuna that ripped out 500 yards of 80 pound braid backing, or in my case back in 06 Xmas trip some leviathan that ripped up a Penn 70 International for two hours before chewing off 130 pound mono at boatside at color.

What should you do when you are left standing there with your lower jaw flappin' on the non slip deck?

Thank the deckhand who stayed with you all through the fight, thank the skipper for being right there coaching you and spotting for you ready to swing his gaff to make your dream come true, thank him again for giving you that chance to put you on the spot, thank the crew for making everything happen that resulted in the hook up. Thank them for helping you select that great sardine, or for tying that loop to loop top shot that held tight for that fight. Thank them when they grab your rod and walk up to the bow, straining over hooking their heels on the bow, leaning over the water unwrapping the rod from the anchor line so you can continue fighting. Thank them when they get you a bottle of water whne you are parched after 90 minutes. (Boy, water never tasted so good for me.) Thank them for untangling that 4 way tangle with four hot ones on each line without losing a single fish and handing the rod back to you like it never happened. Thank them for those memories of the fight that you will be telling your friends for years until they get so tired of it they all walk away from you in disgust cuz they've heard it 400 times before.

Thank the skipper nad crew for putting that smile on your face when you relive those moments even when you did not get the fish on board and make that magic picture.

that's fishing. When the meat is gone, all yo ugot are memories and ain't that great?
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I will confess that I have used language that I shouldn't when I have lost a fish. I have cussed at equipment(actually, one time it was the reel's fault) and at the fish gods and the fish. I have never, NEVER, blamed a member of the crew. In fact, after the initial pissoff, I laugh at the incident with the crew. When they are laughing with you it's a better day. There's always another fish.
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My first massive fish estimated at well over 300 pounds, pulled the hook. I fell flat on my butt.

I was just in absolute shock. The worst part was winding up 600 yds of empty line.

I never spoke a word.

I did however want and need a good spanking. I have never lost another fish in the large grouping since. I paid strict attention and will cut and retie my hook 10 times until I feel it's right.

I am EXTREMELY anal that way.

I have however, lost a boatload of Wahoo to straight chew thrus.toothy little buttholes.

Hahhahahahahahahah Yea. Blowing up on a lost fish is for the weak.

In fact the day that I caught my cow, we were in a wide open Cow tuna bite. I was the first bait bit and first tuna landed. 237 pounds.
I was happy and sat out the rest of the entire bite. I fulfilled a dream and wasn't going to do anything to change that feeling.

Some guys got 2 and some 3, I was ecstatic with my one.

There were some very pissed off guys from saw off's and a deckie walked up and just threw one guy's lever all the way forward and the broke instantly. Holy crap did the fireworks begin.

But Ollisweetie is right. It's how we carry ourselves after a blown fish.
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