Pacific Star
Anyone have any info on this boat? Thinking of an overnight.
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I asked the folks at our SD shop, thinking they might have more feedback to provide. I've not fished the boat, nor any of the staff at the SD or HB shops. From client comments, seems like a good boat/crew, but really no first hand info I can provide.

We're seeing some differences in operations out of SD among the shorter trip boats. Some will roll the dice and go for glory, knowing that there may be less fish but chances for better quality. Some other boats targeting potential for greater angler success...but with less of a shot at a trophy. So, knowing which boat is doing what is positive, giving you a chance to go for what you'd most like to accomplish. Best thing is to track the boats, see what they are doing on a daily basis. If you see fewer fish but >100#+ catches, you can understand that they are trying to go for trophy fish over smaller schoolies. Some will mix it up, like the Tribute is doing. We have a charter heading out on that boat in a couple weeks, I think it's now sold out but there can be changes.

Great Stuff!
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