Hey, as someone outside of California I was wondering...please, it's not that stupid of a question: With CA working on going strictly electric, will diesel boats still be allowed? Will this push to go green effect CA boating?
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Yes, our "elected" leader in Sacramento wants to put everyone working out of business (of course with the help of others of same party and philosophy). Gov. Newsom, Nancy Pelosi's nephew, has put forth a program guaranteed to put the sportfishing fleet out of business. What they want done, can not be done safely and is an economic back breaker for boat owners. Further, like other WOK agenda items, there's no environmental benefit or positive impact though the program carries a huge economic burden and cost. Just more of the same thinking we've experienced the past few years. Every step along the way, more deep sleepers (sheep) begin to realize just how misguided these people really are and hopefully we ALL wake up to the destruction they promote with an agenda that does not work for we the people. You don't hear much about this on the censored, politically biased and intertwined news media. But, those effected are deeply concerned. We must take our state and nation back. An involved and aware voter can make a difference, but we must turn out in numbers too great to be silenced thru voter fraud, our numbers must be greater than their algorithms. Until we have voter ID in CA, it's an uphill battle.

Great Stuff!
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California is big into boating, fishing, dirt bikes, atv/utv's, etc. I know there are good people in CA but apparently not enough, based on the recent recall election. Obviously CA effects all the USA but, if Californians don't get their act together, you will just about have to write off having any fun. Those of you in the business, well, maybe take up plumbing?? Confused I hope things turn around, I really do. I enjoy coming to SD and offshore fishing. Likewise, businesses like yours enjoy me doing it to.
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