Hey Guys,
I got a quick question about my Newell... Long story... but anyway...

i bought an S550 a couple years ago (2009) brand spankin' new (philip screw heads instead of flat screw heads). When I buy a reel, the first things i do (especially with newells) is i grease and oil the insides, and change the breaks to carbontex. Well, when i put my reel back together i guess i accidentally stripped the inside threading (gear sideplate, left-middle screw). At first i felt like s**t but then when i took out the screws, and i "re-arranged them" and put the screws into different holes, it seemed to solve my issue because some screws were longer than others!!! now 2 years later, it got stripped again, and this time its stripped for good. The bad part is i lost my warranty card, but I would like to replace the inside threading. Do you think you can help me out charkbait with a replacement part?

-Side note... i love newells to death. Caught all my fish on em... only issue i have with them are the new generation S series reels... It seems quality control has DRASTICALLY decreased... such as there "consistency". I hate that some reels are made differently (number of washers behind bearing) and parts.
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OUCH! Right now we can't do squat to help. You can try to contact Valley Manufacturing in Semi Valley CA. After Carl passed away the firm was sold, right now they are very difficult to reach. I don't know the status of the firm, unfortunately. Probably you will need a new sideplate, not sure, but that may end up being the case - and Valley will be the only source for that one I'm afraid.

Great Stuff!
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The thread size for these screws is a 5-40, and the hole could be retapped, or tapped deeper which would require a longer screw.

5-40 is sort of an oddball size screw thread, and it may be difficult to find.

I have some longer machine screws with the slotted screw head that might fix your problem.
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Hey guys thanks for the shot out.. Screw size 5-40 huh? I'll go hunt those down.. Ur machine screws would be awesome but I live in hawaii as I imagine shipping for 1 screw may not be worth it... Here in hawaii, newells sell for a rediculous amount, and finding them are hard as the demand is very high. i'll check my local hardware store tho to see if they have anything for me.

Again, thanks for the imputs.. very much apprechiated.
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quick question if you folks can answer,
I recently purchased an R546 and i put in an aluminum spool. When i reel with the drag down tight, it feels like something in my reel is touching. It's not a big problem as i could still use the reel perfectly, it's just I wonder if you folks have any experience with what this could be?
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