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Camping/fishing report - April Fools: Who else would buy a 20 year old boat/trailer/motor and expect it to work first time out...on a 600 mile trek nonetheless.  Well, take a guess? It's always risky buying a used boat/trailer and one really should do a shakedown run before a major trip... But, just because a guy knows better doesn't mean he does better. This trip was all about creating some memories, and we certainly accomplished that, with some accomplishments yet to be made. So, here's how the morning started... Wife gives me a good poke on the side at 2am while sleeping to say it's time to get up! Sure enough I rolled right out of bed and onto the floor - BOOM! 200 lbs hits the deck. We all got going, even my oldest son who's prone to sleep in until prodded to get up. Not this time, he was eager to get going. And, we did, all packed up and on the road by 3. About 2 hours later we blew a tire on the trailer outside Barstow. Glad I bought a new spare tire. Only problem was the blowout also created a problem on the wheel, bearing, etc... Had to call AAA for help. Driver loaded up the boat and we went looking for someone to repair, hopefully. Got lucky, got rolling again a few hours later hit Wallmart for another spare just in case...
We made it to Havasu, though 4 hours later than planned. Launched the new/old boat, some rust on my skill-set in that regard at the ramp, but we got her on the water. #1 son and I took most of our gear to find a campsite and we found a pretty good spot not too far up the river. We made camp and enjoyed the rest of the day and evening with some shore fishing. Water temp was cool, fish not in spawning mode yet so it was slow to no in terms of shallow fish for us. The next morning #1 son and I ran into a problem, the boat's starter wasn't working, thankfully the motor also had a pull start, so we could get going. We covered a lot of water, fished for three or four hours for nada. We really covered some ground/water looking for fish but we struck out. Got back to camp and began same process in different direction with wife and #2 son. Struck out for fish again, unusual for my wife to get skunked. While motoring, we had a bit of a problem. Motor died. It would run for a minute and stop. (Fuel pump, fuel filter...?) At idle or very slow we could make some progress before she died, but it was obvious that we had a problem which could be a huge issue when time came to leave given all the crap we brought with us. It really takes two trips given weight limits on the little boat and four people (just our bodies added up to the weight limit of the boat). Next morning, #1 son and I gave it another try. Motor worked for a bit before dying. Enough time to mess with motor some more and plan for our departure. We ate well on the trip, camping was a blast, #1 & #2 son had fun and wife wants to do more of this. GREAT! We decided to break camp and give it up. We loaded up all the gear, all the people and SLOWLY worked our way back to the dock at just a hair over idle speed. Thankfully it was calm. The light wind helped our progress... Once we loaded everything back on the trailer and truck, wonderful wife of says, "You should have bought a new boat!" Wow, that might have been a big mistake on her part...hmmm, now was that part of some master plan or just dumb luck?  

Great Stuff!

old boat
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