40 lb rigs?
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I regularly see in "what to bring" lists a recommendation to bring two 40 lb rigs. I suspect that means different outfits that would be specialized/rigged for different techniques, so I'm interested in how 40lb rigs are used?

For the moment, I spend the vast majority of my time fishing on party boats at Catalina island and local in Santa Monica bay. I have a Calstar Grafighter 700M with a Penn Baja Special spooled with 80 lb Spectra and 40 lb Izorline mono - I like the set-up for rockfishing. I just recently purchased a 2-speeded (5.0/1 and 2.3/1) Penn International 12T off E-bay, and now need a new rod to make a second outfit. Recommendations for how to use what I have and make a useful second outfit?


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INHO best all around 40lb rod is the Calstar 765xl. Good for live bait as well as yo yoing a jig. If either of those are your inteded uses, go for it. You will not be disappointed at all.

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What you have (BS/700M) is a perfect local 40# rig. For long range the 700M is more of a 30# tuna rod than a 40# rod.

A 700MH or Seeker BlackSteel G6470 are good 7', 40# rods. I too like the 765XL. A 6465H would also be good with the 12T for 40# and works great for 50# too.
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I would rather help you, and some plain old advice is you can always kill a mouse with an elephant gun, so buy a rod rated more than you need, and if you go with liter line, just adjust your drags, then someday you can sell them all and they will be worth more money, That's not very scientific but its in like the GET A BIGGER HAMMER THESIS !!

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Use the Avet reels set up with 60 to 80 # spectra and a 100 yd top shot of your favorite mon and depending on terminal tackle use fluro carbon leader and hurl that rig on the backbone of a SBS 6470 7' John Grabowski Special

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Another great rod to match up to your 12t is a Calstar 865xl. Great casting combination and plenty of backbone for 50 plus pound tuna. It is also a great wahoo bait stick.
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Blank Length Butt Tip Line Action Recommendation
Calstar Grafighter
765XL 6 1/2' .850 8 20-50 "Tuna" J/S 30-40 lb.
700M 7' .885 8 20-50 Ex-Fast L 25-30 lb.
700H 7' .900 8 30-80 Ex-Fast J/L 40-50 lb.
Calstar fiberglass
T6465 6 1/2' 1.080 9 20-50 EX-FAST J/S 30-40 LB.
T865H 6 1/2' .990 8 20-50 FAST L 25-40 LB.
Seeker Black Steel
CJBF70 7' 1.080 9 30-50 Fast 50 lb.

Penn 12T International with Cal's two speed conversion has a 37 inch per crank retrieve rate in high gear. The Baja Special has a 34 inch per crank retrieve rate.

How are the different rod/reel combos used? What about the outfit makes it specialized to that technique?

Thanks again,

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Wintek, I am no expert. I am from TN and would call myself an educated newbie. I have been on 2 five day trips. Traveling from TN, I need my gear to be multi-purpose; able to fish both live bait and iron.

I heard the same thing you have about 40# being the go to outfit. So for my 1st trip, I took one 40# outfit: Avet JX 2 speed on a Calstar 700H. I found this outfit to be near perfect in that I can live bait fish and cast a jig a mile. I was casting iron just about as far with this 7' rod as other folks were doing with their 8+ rods.

If you have an unlimited budget, you could have 2 live bait rods and 2 jig rods. When the bite gets wide open, you don't want to have to go and retie your hooks. You want to go back and grab your other outfit and keep fishing.

I will say that based on two trips, I would say that 30# has been the go to outfit. Again, this is based on two trips in mid-july. As to the rods, everyone has their opinions and none of them are wrong. Someone else said to go big, and I think I would second that. You have the leverage to lift on the fish and kill it quicker than if the rod is too soft. Just as a point of reference, here is what I have:

Avet JX 2 speed on a calstar 700h - 40# or 50#
Avet MXL 2 speed on a seeker 670 - 30#
Daiwa Saltist 40 on a seeker 6470 - 40 or 30#
Penn Baja Special on a Calstar 610 - 50#
Avet 4/02 on a calstar 765m - 60# or 80#

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Appreciate the input.

If I focus on a 5 day or shorter trip out of San Diego, what is the most common fishing technique used? If it's bait fishing, what size bait? I'm having a tough time imagining flylining an anchovie on 40 or 50 lb line.

I think I'd rather have dedicated outfits for the different tasks. With the type of fishing I do now, jig/plastic sticks have too stiff of a tip to effectively fish bait (4 inch anchovies to 6 inch sardines). The soft tip of a live bait rod allows a soft lob of the bait, making less of a launch and less of an impact - I find the bait swims better and gets bit better cast with a live bait rod. The bait sticks do ok casting, but an action dedicated to casting does better. So I'm thinking 40 lb outfits would be specialized in the same manner as the 12-20 lb outfits I'm used to?

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2nd Ticket
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I am by far no expert. I just completed my first trip - the 4 day charkbait charter on RR III. We got three days of fishing at three different areas. The first day was spent at Guadalupe Island. The primary (recommended)technique used there was flylining sardines with a 40# outfit. The second day was spent at Benitos for yellow tail. Two main (recommended) techniques were used, yoyo jigging and dropper loop. I used a 50# outfit for yoyo and a 60# outfit for dropper loop. The final day of fishing was spent offshore working the kelp again flylining sardines for tuna, dorado and yellow tail. I believe that most stuck with their 40# outfits for this fishing as well. Some may have been using 30# outfits, but I believe it was better to stick with the 40#, particularly when the bite went wide open. The 40# outfit enabled you to get the fish on board quicker when all you had to do was get a bait in to the water to get bit. The live bait we used on this trip was sardines, probably 6 inches long.

In preparation for this trip I looked at a lot of info on line and talked to quite a few people with LR experience before buying tackle.
I also wanted tackle that I could use in other applications as I will probably only do 1 to 2 trips like this a year.

I limited the length of my fishing rods to seven feet - mainly because I have to fly in to San Diego to fish LR and I wanted to avoid complications of longer rods. This length of rod allowed the use of the SKB rod case, which is probably the best rod case I have seen/used. The maximum rod length that this case can accomodate is 7 feet 2 inches. It was my observation that the rod storage on the main deck of the boat was designed to accomodate seven foot and shorter rods. I don't know whether this is the case on other boats or not.

The outfits that I used on this trip were:
40# CALSTAR 700M with Avet JX 6/3
40# CALSTAR 700MH with Avet LX 6/3
50# CALSTAR 700H with Avet HX
60# CALSTAR 765ML with Penn 16VSX

There are certainly a lot of choices for rods and reels that would work for each of these outfits. It really comes down to what works best for you. These are what I selected and I was happy with how each one performed.

I hope this helps.

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