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We're getting hammered again by some spammers from out of country. I'd pretty much locked down the board, requiring manual confirmation as well as email confirmation before new folks could make a post. This was done to prevent the barrage of spam that was being added to existing messages. That made it hard for new folks to gain access to the board. So, after getting a couple messages from guys who wanted to join in I changed permissions to allow folks to gain access quickly. Sure enough, within an hours time there were over 20 spam messages which I had the pleasure of manually deleting. So, the board will be tightened up again.

I really don't get the benefit these trolls gain from this. No one is going to visit the links they post, and they have no contribution to offer. Just a time waster from all directions.

Great Stuff!
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You're probably being victimized by spambots that crank it out to tens of millions of unsorted addresses.
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It was estimated in 2013 that Facebook spammers made $200m.

With targeted attacks on Charks Board, if they make even $1000 off some unsuspecting soul by having their bots troll the site for free, it is well worth it. Worse, if they compromise the site and get the credit card data...
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