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Upstairs Vacant - Not fishing related

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10 May 2017, 08:37 AM
Upstairs Vacant - Not fishing related
Well, it's been kind of interesting here at our HB shop. About six months ago a medical MJ dispensary moved in above our shop. Seems like they didn't have city approval (faced a stiff daily fine for that from the city of HB) nor let the property owner know what their business was when they signed off on the lease. The dispensary was broken into two times before they hired a guard for overnight duty. That actually made my nights a bit more secure. Didn't loose sleep or need to respond to our alarm at night with a guard outside. Not a whole lot of synergy between their clients and ours, but it was interesting watching their activity periods and wide range of shoppers visiting the dispensary, from professional types, some older folks and some that seemed to have recently climbed out from under a rock. As to their activity periods, well the guys at our shop plot our own busy shop times with moon phase and it does surprise me that our clients respond much like fish do, we are indeed more busy, just as fish are more active, on rising and falling tides. It really is amazing. But, I'll offer, the clients of the dispensary do not seem to follow the same sort of activity periods from our somewhat scientific study of correlations of moon phase and retail activity. If we have any grad students visiting the CharkBoard, looking for an area of independent study or dissertation, moon phase relationship to dispensary shopping correlation might qualify!

While it's been great to offer a wide range of services near to our HB shop to visiting clients: restaurants for Sushi, spicy Thai food & pizza, and for fellows visiting our shop with wives accompaniment there's a paws & claws nail clipper as well as a fancy hair salon next door, we've lost one divergent attraction - the dispensary has moved the middle of the night they packed up and moved.

Great Stuff!
03 June 2017, 12:45 PM
An MJ dispensary moving in and then out is one thing - but no more hair salon? What's this world coming to? (I guess I haven't been around the HB shop in a long time!)

- Mike

P.S. I hope everything's going well at the shops, Mark!
15 September 2017, 07:01 PM
This was an interesting observation, Mark. Hmm, whatever happened to the dispensary? Packed up and moved in the middle of the night? Intriguing.