UC 711 XH
Is this the rod which might be of interest to East Coast tilefish anglers, or is there a different rod meant for that purpose? The rod locally popular as an entry-level tile rod is a Shakespeare 1180, and you'd go out of your mind trying to cast anything weighed in ounces with it. For three pounds of lead, it's OK. The idea of a tile rod that can also be used for casting very heavy swimbaits is astonishing.

This is NOT an urgent question. Nobody working the Fred Hall show should stay up late to answer it.
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Yep, the 711XH is the TileFish blank Randy at UC created. The difference between the 711XH and the TileFIsh blank is...1 inch in length. The TF version is 8 feet long. Super light rod, surprisingly light, very good "lift" given materials used in construction. It will take UC time for supply and demand to balance out, production moving ahead, but demand is too. So, our own in house inventory is a feast or famine sort of thing. We have the 711 rods in good inventory this week, almost nothing on the other factory pieces. They'll be back in good stock in probably 2 weeks, and by then we'll be out of the lighter bass'n type sticks. The rods are wonderful, and folks are well advised to stop by our shops if you're local to check 'em out. UC is the up and comer for saltwater rods for the future. Blank designs, construction quality, materials, experience of the guys making the rods, all contribute to this firms solid foundation for long term success.

Great Stuff!
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